Writing this with a heavy heart. I am bidding this place goodbye.

Moving back to blogger, which shows better pics which in my opinion, more important.

Adding on, I wanted to start anew! Yes. Been so upset these few days and finally decided to let it go.

Feel free to drop by at my new place: http://lilsecrethidingplace.blogspot.com

See you there!


It’s our 2nd Halloween!

Still remember who we were last year? We were the goodies! Rossie a garden fairy and Roy ninja!

This year, we’ve turned to the dark side!!!!!!!!!



Our Big Bundle of Joy turns ONE today!

Rossie baked Banana Pupcakes & Carrot Cookies! She loves it so muchie!!!! Too bad the top is burnt (too hard) and bottom sticks to the Parchment paper. So can’t share with the other doggies 😦 Will make nicer next time!

And I intend to surprise her with Yogurt Ice-cream tomorrow!!! Yey I love this gal so much!

May she be healthy and happy always!


Miss me miss me not?

I’ve been so lazy! But then since my hair long leh so let you all see see how I look now!

Been a goody gal. Spent lesser and Roy will be gg away YES! To another State Phoenix for TDY (temporary deployment) So it’s Yey and Neh for me. lol Yey meaning no need to cook la and Neh = I will be Home alone! (Opps forgot abt Poppy!) Excited and worried at the same time. But glad I am not the only one cos with other wives, we might plan for MJ or shopping! weeeeeeeeee


Rossie was away for a week!

Yups I went to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.
It was a last min trip as hubs mentioned that almost everyone needs to clear leave and it’s national day so.. yah booked and planned and off we go and back.
Before uploading the pics we took (my, i felt so paiseh as the previous trip pics left 2 more days!), I shall share with you all my buys.
As for the trip itself, will do so soon. But then again, wonder who reads them anyway.
Nonetheless, shall share what I bought!
Roy promised a gift LV bag or Balenciaga bag for being survived 1 yr as a full time housewife.
So posted the Chanel wallet le.
Now it’s mostly my buys and some are meant as gift so dun worry about me not being an octopus lol.

I’ve read some reviews on Paul McKenna and there were some successful stories. Not your usual dieting books etc.

If you have time, view the video. I just placed an order on his book. So let’s see. hahaha

His last few sentences made me chuckle like a baby.

When you hungry what you gonna do? EAT

And you can eat what you? WANT

And you gotta eat how? CONSCIOUSLY

And when you think you are full what you gonna do? STOP!

Fantastic, you dun need me anymore! You’ve got it!!! hahahaha

Dear Lambskin Baby, I promise you will be my one and only one from now.

I promise to take good care of you and will not replace you.
I will give you 10 years to serve me well. Unless you choose to tear.
But Mummy heard that you can wear new coat of Lambskin if ever anything happens to you.
Yups thanks to all who had given me advices on getting the wallet!
Yes I went to Portland (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland trip-will do another holiday post! stay tune yah) and there’s Nordstrom (eh something like Robinsons, Metro, Taka with Famous brand so not expecting Chanel paper bag they gave me a Nordstrom paper bag! Thank you very much!)
And a PLUS! Portland no TAX! So I bought it at the exact retail price without worrying paying for more.
Roy bought this wallet for me.
At first, he wanted to get me a LV/Balenciaga bag. But I tot since I had so many bags I might as well buy one which I carry it always-a wallet.
Roy wanted to reward me for being sucha good full time housewife so yups a pressie of my 1st yr anniversary!
Being a full time housewife is really not an easy job. Haiz shall not bore you all with this. Maybe will do a seperate post on what I do daily. Lagi sian to the max.
I am not showing off hor. Just sharing with all of you.
Cos Rossie loves to see what others buy too.
For those who wanted to know, the Chanel Necklace I asked the SA le, dun have stock. The only one is the cute japanese dolly one, so tempted to get that!!!!!!
So I happened to see this wallet in a TV show and it’s love at first sight.
See how pretty the dark red interior?
And the classic flap design :p
Before we leave, Rossie saw this card holder!
The SA told me the card holder seldom has stock!
And the card holder sold out everytime within days!
This card holder happened to arrive recently and last one!!!!!
So I grab also la. As a reward for myself :p
Porte Cartes (Noir)
Its caviar!!!!
Can go back Sg and so useful for MRT rides.
Oh. Where is my Transitlink card????? LOL.
I promise that’s the last of my wallet purchase.
But definitely not my last for Chanel 🙂